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Burns Night ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

May I introduce myself: my name is Gavin Ross
I am an Edinburgh art student from Tolcross
To the castle park I can walk, don't need a bus

There I met Robert Burns on a bench recently
Oh, what surprise and I was excited greatly
Couldn't almost speak a word, stayed too taciturnly

He didn't look very up-to-date, you see
Was dressed like a famous poet would be
But in past times, yet this is no criticism from me

It suited him well, this distinct feeling I had
Also the book in his hand in front of a flowerbed
To discuss literature I felt much too gone mad

I only said which the best work seemed to be for me
He was nice and had no problems with a student to agree
Pointed out that he would care and gave guarantee

My meeting with Burns, in a rush it was over
Anyway I had not heard enough, not being in clover
Wanted to listen to poetry but felt like having a hangover

After saying goodbye I took many thoughts home
Suddenly mum called: "Didn't you want to go out alone
To the Burns Night in our local club, well-known?"

I answered that a few minutes ago Burns I just had met
She threw the cushion to me and we laughed a duet
Now I knew it was only a dream and jumped out of bed

I went to the bathroom finally to get dressed up
And prepared myself for the night in the club
Had decided first to go for a drink in the Irish pub

Burns looked down at me from a painting at the wall
And was kidding: "That was a stroke of luck, overall
Now hurry up, you've got to be at my event in the hall."

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