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Brown Tanned Arms ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

I remember the rolled up sleeves,
And the brown tanned arms.
The second shirt button that was always undone,
Leaving a tan so dark from the ray of the sun.

When you took off your shirt you showed lily-white skin,
You laughed from the heart,
You laughed from within.

With your forehead pronouncing
Whatís more to be said?
Your hair was swept back
Beyond your balding tanned head.
Overalls and a garage and your oily grubby face,
This memory of you I could never replace.

And I still see you laughing
and hear you telling a little white lie,
You were always exaggerating,
We let your romancing pass by.

I hear that old Scottish drawl,
The simplified reason of the old Scottish call.

I still look for you to share a Christmas dinnertime pint of beer,
And again when Iím wishing a Happy New Year.

The sand castles you built on the beach still stand,
That you made for your sons with a hard working hand.
The tide may have came and washed them away,
But to me they are still there today.

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