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Broken Heart ©

This one’s for real. This one is dedicated to my young sister Betty who just couldn’t take anymore.

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia

A sea of pills
Some red some green
Some pretty colors
In between

Pretty pill
Pretty shape
No matter if your mind
They rape

I'll take a red one
And a green one
And maybe a pretty
In between one

I feel so good
I feel the blast
Who gives a s***?
About the past

“Come with me
Into my dreams
Away from life
and all its schemes”

“I feel the glow
It grows within”
“No more the hurt
Inside my skin”

“I’m going down
That’s fine I quote”
“I’m going down”
“That’s all she wrote”

You can’t cure a broken heart with a pill. Try a nice bottle of unwooded Yarra Valley Chardonnay instead, works wonders. Betty, I love you hen. I won’t forget you.

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