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Britain's Drinkers ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

It's eleven o'clock and they stagger out
The whisky lovers and the Lager lout,
joyous nights of laugh and cheer
Car parks covered with sick and beer,
and then a friendly knowing wink
everybody still needs a drink,
and this goes on till getting home
Or staggering around trying to find a phone
A fabulous night they say they had,
then the drink wears off and then they're sad
They realise the money's gone and then that's bad
But does it stop them from this fray?
No..... they just look forward to another day,
some say it's innocent, some say it's nice,
some say it's wicked, but they never call it a vice
Some say it's nasty, some say it's wrong,
but we must agree for a short period of time it's pleasant
but doesn't last very long

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