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Brimstane Kettle ©

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Lavergne, USA

Oot o' tha Brimstane Kettle
leaping an Joggling wae a Curse o' tha nettle
tha voice sae craiggie anyon compare
wae ein that questioned all I'd dare
Like a wee Willie Winkie I'd face tha yell
a tormented youth boun straight tae hell
I'd weep an squeal like some yelping pup
kenning fairweel tha pain I'd sup
Up like a Jaguar he'd grasp my lug
pulling me up like a vagabon thug
Ta Christ almichty! such a divine name
his thumping slap put all tae shame
Wae eyebrow raised, venting a gaze
taewards my baffled, confounded daze
somethings wrang, what hae I done
tae late tae move, Tha sting has stung
Sic memories nue jost me noggle
recalling thochts imbued tae boggle
Least boun am I here tae recall
tha spanking han' that tae my arse would fall.

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