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Bridge To The Roots ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

I met you in the spring of my women's life
Now the autumn storms powerfully have come
And I carry on walking over bridges in Fife
In many troubled waters I have swum
The time for my return is almost near
I want to see the flower of Scotland
In the fall of life I shed a dark blue tear
And wrote "I miss you" into the wet sand
At the beaches of my poor searching soul
The bridge of heritage will carry me over
Back to everything that from my heart they stole
Scotland here I come, your rambling rover
For the bridge of my life's target is still near
Although my spring of hope has faded away
For the cold and frosty winter is almost here
Tell me Celtic legends until my last day
Back to the very beginning I want to go
I hope you understand what I am looking for
There is still a lot for this lost daughter to know
Scotland, here I come to the bridges at your shore

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