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Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

In north and south I blow and freeze,
but round the equator I gently breeze.
And as waves on beaches lap,
wet clothes on the line I flap.

In every corner do I peek and pry,
while flapping clothes begin to dry.
But then sometimes I become a fiend,
I turn into a fearsome wind.

And woe betide the ship with sails,
the sailor looks and then he wails.
Look yonder at the cloud so black,
but there is no turning back.

Then with a shriek and thud I hit
the ship heels o'er with canvas split.
And like a demon in a cage,
upon that ship I vent my rage.

Foaming like a hilltop slide
a wave so huge it cannot bide
Curled over by my foul lashes,
hurtles down and the ship it smashes.

Lightning's flash from tumbling clouds,
illuminating those wretched shrouds.
Blowing there in wind torn tatters,
upon the decks the white foam spatters.

The ship is gone the waves have won,
black clouds over the horizon gone.
Fury spent while great whites comb,
bodies floating in the foam.

Wooden spars on waves a tripping,
sharks into the bodies ripping,
They can do this now with ease
for I have changed back to a breeze

Dawn is quiet and I do relent,
my anger from the night is spent.
And sea so flat does not relate,
last night's storm or ship's fate.

So I move on and to the beach,
a couple to cajole to speech.
"Oh my love why do you tease?
Thank God for that lovely breeze."

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