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Boxing Day ©

Fife, Scotland

One day on….. the High Street
Looks like early morning
after the graduation ball
gown lying on the bedroom chair
shoes kicked into the corner

Today unsold trees lie in the lane
behind the greengrocers
and reduced goods have replaced tinsel
Santa’s suit hangs on the coat stand
in the library….. which is closed for a week

this hiatus allows the pavement to rest
lets shop fronts sleep late
after weeks of partying
and the pigeons to preen
without music disturbing their routine

the body clocks of shop assistants
differ from those
who work nine to five
and shop religiously on Saturday
they deserve awards for juxtaposition

whilst we unwind and indulge
they turn in a day
from Xmas to Bargainville
and store decorations on the top shelf
in the backshop and the basement

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