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Bonnie Prince Charlie! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

We lost the battle of Culloden moor,
led by the 'Young Pretender',
where the English army won the day,
in a fight we will long remember.
Then when Prince Charlie, fled the field,
with a few well chosen men,
those 'Redcoats' hunted him for months,
all through Scotland's hills and glens.
Till one day a random bullet,
from a 'Redcoat' caught his head,
And in a moment he was gone
and our Bonnie Prince was dead.
But to keep those 'Redcoats' busy
and to aid the clansmen's flight,
they cut his body up in bits
and hid it in a dry stane dyke.
So oor Charlie never got to Skye
and fair France he never saw,
for in the words of that old Scottish song,
Bonnie Chairlie's noo A Wa'!

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