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Boarding School - A Visit to HELL ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

I went back to school today
To see the boy I used to be
To see the land that shaped my mind
To see the house that tore my soul.
I went back to school today
To feel my tears run down my face
To feel the cane that broke my back
To see the lines across the board.
That place where tears were made
That life of hell that I endured
They cut the lifeblood from my heart
And those trees, which made me, feel
Those giants, which gave me humility
Those woods which calmed my mind
Explain me this, after all this time
Why! Why they had to mow, Down
Those dinosaurs of the forest.
My memories of that place, were
So raw, so painful, so full of hurt
I cry inside when ere, I hear
Of teachers and those boys with me.
Every tree, held a diary of my pain
Every leaf, absorbed my tears
But when I saw their stumps open to the sky
I wept not like a boy but like a man.

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