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Bluff Cove ©

In May 1982 during the battle for the Falkland Islands. I was with a group of 2 Para who flew to Bluff Cove settlement in a captured Chinook helicopter. We arrived in total darkness and surrounded the farm buildings. Maj. D Farrar Hockley, Capt. JNE Watson and myself covered by 81 other paratroopers, knocked on the door. Inside they were celebrating their youngest son's birthday. He had just blown out the candles, when we knocked. He'd wished that the British Army would come and save them.

Jim (Jock) Love
Stonehenge, England

We arrived like thieves in the night.
The darkness cloaking us, hiding us,
Rendering us invisible.

We swarmed over the land,
Making it ours.
The smoke rising from the chimney.

Chinks of light,
split the night like laser beams.
While inside the building a young boy closed his eyes.

By the light of his cake's flickering candles he blew.
With a slight tap on the door,
we made his wish come true.

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