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Blood Brothers ©

William Musleh
Glasgow, Scotland

You once said you were my friend
And that is what you would always stay
True and loyal to the end
It seems just like yesterday

Remember when we made a vow
That above all others
Starting from the here and now
We were exclusively Blood Brothers

Throughout our school and teenage years
The friendship thrived and grew
Envy from our group of peers
Toward the bond between me and you

We were two real 'Jack the lads', who on a Saturday
Would cheer the 'Gers from the terracings, shout and sing and sway
Then off to Partick afterwards where we would drink our fill
Before heading for the Barrowland to see if we could pull

Then we met our future wives who viewed our friendship as a threat
So to keep a peaceful life we no longer met
They said together we were poison and bad for one another
Oblivious that we viewed each one forever as a brother

Now thirty years have passed us by and age has come with stealth
Two widowers left alone in deteriorating health
Wish it had been other circumstances when we met again
Not in hospital terminally ill with you my long lost friend

No greater love can a man have than from a loyal friend
And now I want to thank you as your life draws to an end
Though now too weak to talk, your eyes tell all the story
Forget remorse, forget regrets, let's walk the walk of glory

Just take my hand, let's travel back, sixty years before
To that disused railway track beside the coal ree store
That's where our hearts will always lie, that's where the pact was made
Two five year-olds who laughed and joked as the vows were said

"Blood Brothers then; Blood Brothers now;
In health, in adversity
Blood Brothers we will be forever more
Throughout all eternity"

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