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Blessed Soul ©

Mystery Rose

I passed you as I walked along my way
I didn't look at you or stop to hear what you might say
I hurried along not seeing much
I am caught up in my own simple stuff

I passed you as I walked along my way
You smiled at the child who I must carry today
I looked in your eyes and saw a tear
I didn't ask why, or bother to talk
I just must keep going for today I can't stop

I passed you as I walked along my way
Now I wonder what it is you have to say
I stopped long enough to drop a nickel in your cup
You touched my hand as the coin dropped

I passed you as I walked along my way
I asked you today if you had a name
"Charlie", you said proudly as if it was lined in gold
I said, "Well Hello, Charlie. My name is MysteryRose."

I looked for you at just passed noon
I said, "Hello, Charlie. I came to spend time with you.
I hope you will share this sandwich made for two."

We sat in silence just spending the time
But lunchtime was over and I said goodbye
I walked back slower than I had done before
I looked up at the sky and knew the moon lights his way
And the ground is his bed at least for today

I thought about Charlie the other day
As I was sitting and looking outside onto the bay
It's getting winter and he will surely be cold
So I better get busy and pack blankets in the car

I spoke to the others as I looked for him
I asked if Charlie was around that bend
No one would answer and no one would say
That Charlie died the other day.

Each year from now on I will remember him
For I must bring the blankets for all of them.
Give what you can and take what you need
There is plenty of kindness for us all to seek.
No one should go hungry and no one should be cold
If you have an old blanket give it to a 'blessed soul'.

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