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Birdwatching ©
(Ode to Mother Nature)

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

There is a place amidst the reeds
Where feathers hide -
To roost and breed; to find solace
Before the night.
"Did you see that - it was moving...
...Here was a snipe!"

We were walking in winter winds
On the shore line...
To catch a glance, we broke the ice
And did like mice!
By thousands they came to feed,
Out was the tide.

All around us on leafless trees,
Mister Robin
Has braved the cold to welcome us -
He's not afraid...
Spring is coming, our loyal friend
Has felt the sun.

...We climbed that rock to watch them fly;
Ocean masters
Against the cliffs dry their feathers.
Black and white wings danced in the sky,
It was awesome.

...We reached the clouds to hear their song;
Amidst the moor
Red kite country drowned in the light,
Rufous feathers probing my heart -
It was magic.

At dawn we woke in the old wood,
As if asleep
Rothiemurchus bathed in the mist...
When black Caper
In the distance defied the lens - amused our eyes,
...Like in a dream!

In the evening we sailed northwards
To explore life...
The Northern Lights would shine one day
On our faces.
We were welcomed by the Solans and the Bonxies!
THAT was a thrill.

Like the masters of the lighthouse,
Shags and puffins
Have made their nests on the old rock...
In the waters
Guillies rocking - ten dorsal fins...
What a havoc!

Here are the joys of birdwatching!
For each moment
Is a treasure for us to see.
In our garden
Starlings and larks - all come to sing;
So much beauty.

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