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Binge Drinking ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

Let's go on a binge is the cry today.
Let's see how much drink we can put away.
The publicans love it, this new teen craze,
more money in the till, hoping it's not just a phase.

But it's not only adults, it's schoolkids too,
who want into this craze, which is new.
It has got such a hold, this binge drinking of late,
like drugs, they are selling it outside the school gate.

What can we do to make it stop?
Should we ban the sale of alchopops?
Would it make it better or make it worse?
We have to do something to stop this curse.

We must make our children understand,
binge drinking can get out of hand.
It can lead to trouble of all sorts,
and often your antics can lead you to court.

It's not all teenagers, only a few,
who think it's the in-thing to drink till they're stewed.
It does not take long to get into a state,
and sometime it's not to lose face with your mates.

But where will your mates be if you drink too much?
Will they help you home or leave you in the lurch?
Drinking with your mates you can have a good time,
but you must make sure to keep it in line.

Have a good time and stick to the rules,
don't keep drinking till you look a fool.
There is only one person this will hurt,
and in the end you will look a real berk.....

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