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Bigot ©

[Authors note: While this subject is abhorrent, it exists. I do not subscribe to the views as expressed in this poem and it is not an "anthem" for the sorry souls who do. Bigots are an anathema and a scourge on our society. Peace to all, regardless of race or religion.......Baba!]

Stewarton, Scotland

You’re not of my land,
and not of my tribe.
You’re blood is polluted,
we’re different inside.

You’re not of my faith,
and not of my God.
Your naught but a cur,
just a mongrel dog.

You’re not of my colour,
and not of my race.
Your people are lacking,
unworthy of praise.

You’re not of my family,
and not of my kin.
We’ve different genetics,
we wear different skin.

You’re not of my culture,
and not of my world.
You’re foreign and alien,
you’re not of MY WORLD.

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