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'Big Brother' ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

I think we should all apologise to that Scot, John Logie Baird
The man who invented our TV that put these programmes on the air
I wonder what he would think now about his wonderful invention
for I am sure all this balderdash was never ever his intention
can you imagine him alive today as he switches on his set
for if he watched that daft 'Big Brother' it is something hed regret
have you ever seen such rubbish these half wits and gender benders
as they stroll about with make up on in silk stockings and suspenders
and the sight of that George Galloway that daft idiotic Scots MP
crawling about like a pussycat and meowing on his knees
man alive it would make you puke as they all rant and rave
and I bet John Logie Baird is now turning in his grave
and that man Michael Barrymore, man would he not make you weep
as he makes all his confessions and his house mates fall asleep
where do they dig these cretins up to blight our TV screens
for all their idiotic antics make you want to shout and scream
I wonder why producers bother to put such rubbish on the air
For who goes out and who stays in, man does anyone really care
So lets get back to common sense as quickly as we can
And put all these silly programmes where they belong in the rubbish can

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