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Big B.C. ©

And what he means to me

William Denholm
Edinburgh, Scotland

For nearly 30 years you have always made me laugh
Whether it's on the box or listening to your records while lying in the bath.
So every time that I am blue
I nearly always think of you.
Look for a tape, one of yours I'm after
To guarantee soon, I will be full of laughter.
You have given me so much pleasure for most of my life
Not just me also my children and even my ex-wife.
The first time I heard your double album in those days gone by
I laughed so much I rolled about the floor you even made me cry.
You've made records, tapes, CD's, video's, films and documentaries too
Why then are there still some people who cannot see the genius in you.
These people say you are very crude and some say you are still hard
But when I see and hear you I think of you as a modern Bard.
You go around the world collect your ideas and present them on the stage
Then before you know it your jokes are all the rage.
"Tour of Scotland" Australia too "Mrs. Brown" "Live Aid at Wembley"
"Victoria and Albert" "25 years BC" "30 years of Billy Connolly"
Numerous appearances on Parkinson "The Crucificton" "Jobbie Wheeka" "D.I.V.O.R.C.E."
"In the Brownies" "Two Night Stand" "Atlantic Crossing" at the 2 Carnegie halls
I've heard and seen them all
And that's not half the material you will find on the Billy Connolly stall.
One thing I can say is in Scotland your popularity has not gone stale
You will find it very difficult to obtain any of your material at a car boot sale.
I remember to parties we did go and halfway through they would stop
To listen to you're latest record between the rock and pop.
The next time you come and play Edinburgh, Dundee or anywhere for that matter
I'll come and see you and soak up all that Glasgow patter.
Why do the Glasgow Fathers not present you with the City keys?
When you brought so much pleasure at a time when they were on their knees.
Please keep up all your good work and some day you will be seen
Getting a Knighthood from a King or Queen.
And in no small measure
I thank you for the pleasure
That's all from me B.C.
Kind regards, yours, B.D.

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