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Beginnings ©

David Lee Sulgrove
Nine Mile Falls, USA

Walking among towering
ancient forests, the aura
of nature surrounds.
Listen to the silver stream
tell of its beginnings.

Purple mountains float high
above the dawning mist.
The earth is turning,
feel its ever changing
flight around the sun.

The trees, streams, mountains
and earth all flowing
in cosmic rhyme.
The sun with fiery wings aglow
drawing us, through galactic
space and time.
The galaxy's winged stardust disc
carries us, within the universe
of life and thought.

The trees whisper,
the song of the winds.
The music of the spheres,
filters down from the heavens.
Dew drops twinkle,
on blades of grass
in the sunlight
of a new day.

Our mind experiences
all of these things,
as we walk among towering
ancient forests and listen
to the silver stream
tell of its beginnings.

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