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Bardic Rhapsody ©

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Lavergne, USA

Welcome Stranger come and hear
the words that draw the heavens near
and listen to it's breeze that blows from the East
of whose Ancient cast melody tames Man and Beast.

For Tis a song so old that time has forgot
the writer of its winds wherein it's Lyrics are caught
But it's secrets may be heard and it's power felt
within the heart and mind of a truthful Celt.

For its words though obscure hold the greatest key
for all the descendants to come and see
The place where verse and rhyme equate with time
to show man's greatness and his crime.

Tis a place where all may come to Ken (Know)
the song Of the Bard over Hill and Glen
Tis a song of Being, of Life's joy and its pain
O' Blissful tender passions and tortures mournful slain.

Tis a Journey back into the past, a relic of times gone
and yet a journey into the future, o' Life's greatest song
So Welcome stranger into a World of verbal fantasy
and to the inspirations of this bardic Rhapsody.

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