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Baptized by the Elements ©

Daniel McDonagh
Ontario, Canada

The wind growled and crawled over my face
While the rain pierced my skin like a spear,
I searched for a shield to protect my soul
But I cannot battle the elements of the season.
So I became baptized on a Glasgow street
Were I have walked, day after day, for forty years.
Thunder was the angels that roared with joy,
Snow was the blanket, my christening shoal,
Rain, that was blessed, crossed my wrinkled forehead,
While the sun was the eternal candle that lit up my heart.
And the demons there were perched and housed in my mind
Fled like an exodus for another poor soul to find.
I cried, for I l felt the warm of the Holy Spirit within my empty shell
And now, the wind has dried the tears that raced down my face
As the sun has opened my eyes to walk free from Luciferís fire.

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