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Back To The Past ©

Frank E Gibbard
London, England

Flashback to good old London Town
Crowds of Cockneys burrowed down
On haven platforms underground
As up above the bombs resound.
Allies shared these shelter holes
Canadians and Aussies, Yanks and Poles.
Other nationals, other races too,
Soldiers of Empire, of every hue.
Uniforms and civvies in this nether place
Fighting their war and for an inch of space.
Fast forward to present London City
The same deep tubes the scene's not pretty
In modern subways outrage occurs,
Civilians bombed, history recurs.
Bodies entombed, train carriages wrecked
LT's logos blood-bedecked.
No shelter in the Underground in this guerilla war
No Geneva code applies there, no humane law.

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