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William Carolan
Luton, England

Snow covered mountain peaks, heather-filled glens
it's good to be back in my homeland again.

This land that I left so long ago,
now fills me with pride I feel a warm glow.

This land of my fathers this land of my birth,
where poets and writers tell of sorrow and mirth.

Of wars and famine, battles lost and won,
history made at the point of a gun.

This is the land where I feel I belong,
it welcomes me back in the words of the song.

Here in the earth my parents both rest,
with a brother we loved in the land they loved best.

I visit quite often this town on the Clyde
who's shipbuilding past is known worldwide.

I feel so nostalgic I also feel sad
the memories flood back of the good times and bad.

Now my visit is over, goodbyes have been said,
I've seen all the changes that had to be made.

I leave all my friends with a wave of my hand,
and make my way south to my home in England.

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