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A-Z Christmas ©

Mystery Rose

A is for Angels
with halos so bright
whose carols were heard
on that first Christmas Night

B is for Bells
Ringing, Ringing Ringing
Sounds to the needy we wish to bring joy

C is for Candles
So brightly they shine
to give a warm welcome
to your friends and mine

D is for Darlings
all snuggled in their beds
Waiting for Santa to leave presents for them

E is for everyone
a wish for you
Christmas is for giving from me to you

F is for Folla la la la la la
trying to carry a tune
No one seems to notice as we carol along

G is for Greetings
Great tidings to you
Peace be with you and your family too

H is for Holly
Around my door
it is represents the season
One that I much Adore

I is for Innocence
On snow covered hills
Where sledding is fun
Along with the spills

J is for Jesus
My Lord, My God
We celebrate the passion
Each and every year
Praise to Our Lord Jesus, our work to be done

K is for Kris Kringle
So jolly is he
a bowl fully of jelly
or is that just me

L is for Lanterns
Let them light our way
Shine them brightly
for everyone to see

M is for Mary
the mother of our Lord
She had a baby named Jesus

N is for Noel
Born is the King of Bethlehem

O is for Ornaments
So pretty on the tree
It lights my way and brings joy to me

P is for Prayer
for you and for me
I pray for your soul, will you pray for me?

Q is for Quaint
comfort from the dark
cozy little hut
filled with much love
your welcome here from the start

R is for Reindeer
Santa sleigh couldn't go
Rudolph keep going my house is in sight

S is for Shepherds
Who first saw the star
Over Bethlehem's manger
and followed it far

T is for Together
the season brings hope
Love is the reason, togetherness and hope

U is for Unity
Where Christmas brings joy
to all the world
Christ Jesus is Born

V is for Visitors
Who comes to my home
my home is full of Christmas
and the blessings above

W is for 3 Wise Men
Who brought gifts to him
they laid them in the manager
Our savior is born

X is for X-mas
the short synonym

Y is for Yule Logs
the sparks fly high
they give warm light
for friends passing by

Z is for Zealous
Christ's adoring love
He is the reason for the season
and this poem full of love

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