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A Word About The SAS ©

H Marshall

A tribute to the valiant men of the Special Air Service, who operate on our behalf around the world, in the most stressful, extreme and dangerous conditions.
It is thought that at one time the SAS consisted of up to 70% Scotsmen.

Ready to face the foe,
it begins.
Steadfast to your motto,
"Who Dares Wins"

Where brave men fear to tread,
you are there;
filling the foe with dread
and despair.

Behind enemy lines,
all alone;
avoiding guns and mines,
on your own.

No one must see your face,
or your kit;
your observation place,
conceals it.

Out all night 'til sunrise,
at your post;
avoiding compromise,
at all cost.

Respected by the world,
as top class.
First in, you are hurled
by the 'brass'.

Normal, overt warfare,
or covert;
by land, by sea, or air,
so expert.

Desert, jungle or snow,
all terrains;
there's nowhere you won't go,
for our pains.

No matter what the tasks,
field or flood,
when 'The Regiment' asks
for your blood.

Men of so much courage,
on trial.
In the face of carnage,
so loyal.

There are no finer troops
on this earth.
Committed to your group's
matchless worth.

You pay a heavy price,
on our part.
Yet nothing will suffice,
but your heart.

You take tough decisions,
life and death!
Deniable missions
get no wreath!

Some get PTSD,
from the drama.
Some look as if they are
in a coma.

In action your proud fame--
You have the finest name--

We never hear you boast,
of your fame!
We raise a peerless toast,
to your name!

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