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A Wee Note ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Just a wee note to let you know that I'm truly deeply sorry
I didn't mean to kill your dog and squash him with my lorry
I'm sure that you will miss him and you're sad that he's departed
I only wish I'd done the same then his limbs would not be parted

You may find this funny: it had me laughing like a drain
But the last thing that I witnessed, just prior to his pain
Big saucer eyes, so vivid, and his skidding outstretched paws
He tried, in vain, reversing, causing sparking from his claws

He looked like quite the livewire, such an affable wee pet
I'm afraid I'm just a trucker who's not qualified to vet
So, as for canine doctoring, a trucker's not much good
Hence your dog is worm-food and I'm sorry if I'm rude

He'll be thinner than remembered, he's really rather flat
I'm trying to think of uses so perhaps I'd opt for mat
But it's you who knows him better and will have your own ideas
Perhaps a nice wee furry purse can be salvaged from his ears

I tried to find out where you lived, I failed, so hence the note
No guarantee you'd get it so I've pinned it to his coat
No need to thank me, it's okay, I'm a trucker and I care
Took his collar as a keepsake as I know you have one spare

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