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For Peter - my best friend

June Farrell
Ayr, Scotland

I walk a road of unknown
Not knowing where it will lead me
So many turns
Not knowing whitch way to go
Fear loneliness anger
Each step I take
Scorns me
Now tiredness over takes me
Only to turn and hold out her hand
They're all there
Lathing shouting take mine take mine

Then there you stand beside me unsure
A little shy and afraid
Your hand held out to mine
Dare I take it?
Dare I walk the road that you walk?
Then you turn and smile at me
I see a thousand things in your smile
As your eyes light up the path
You take
Iíll walk a little of the way with you
Will I be safe?
What will you demand?
You speak no words
Then take my hand
Your eyes and smile tell me I'm safe
This road holds no more fear for you
Or I

Now I have you
And strength
Of two
As we both hold hands
No more fear
No more loneliness
No more anger
Only Hope Faith and Trust
As we walk this road of life
Hand in hand

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