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Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

The door slams shut the kids are gone,
garden gate swings in the breeze.
Mum sinks down and hides a tear,
and wi' hanky pretends to sneeze.

"It's nice to see the kids again."
She'll smile and heave a sigh.
While leaves fall past the window pane,
onto the lawn to die.

Yellow flowers in the China vase,
once sparkling and so new.
Plucked with so much love,
amid the morning dew.

Now they too are getting old,
as petals fall to cloth.
So too the tiny caterpillar,
left by some presumptuous moth.

"Crawl away on a bush outside,
and one day you will fly,
on wings of freedom to the moon,
or join the lark's sweet cry."

A white bud struggles from the hedge,
and left in the sun to play.
Perhaps tomorrow in full bloom,
it will make someone else's day.

Nature was ever such a joy,
when I was but a lad.
Every day a new adventure,
until I began to add.

Memories to me noggin,
inches to me waist.
Then ah hed aw me teeth out,
an 'ad ti feed on paste.

Me feet got flat an' achey,
but at least ah kept me hair.
Ah giv up drink an' smokin'
now ah'm mad like a grizzly bear.

Still ther's aye termorrer,
unless ah fail ti wake up.
Then it's Devil take the hindmost,
an' ti that ah'll hae a wee sup.

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