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At the End of the Rainbow ©

I wrote my original verse in German, but the metre was difficult to keep

Sonja Nic Rafferty

In a fraction of my life I stood
Under an iridescent rainbow
Looked beyond the picturesque river Ness
Where countless sea gulls circled
And Highland fog shrouded me gently
In that night I had puzzling dreams
Finally my search would be past
Could I happily live under the rainbow
When I woke up neon lights of the city
Flickered through a window to the north
Unstable like my desperate hope
On Celtic clod to put down roots
My motherland never became homeland
Of my late Scottish father
Thus I will be torn in half forever
Between nations of different languages
Separated by deep sea and high mountains
Journeys mean to arrive gladly and welcome
It also signifies dismissal and to go
Under me lies now the multi-coloured rainbow
From the Boeing 737-800 within easy reach
Arrived the review of a flight
To the legend of my proud forefathers
At the end of a Celtic rainbow
My hurt soul finally would like
To be allowed to take root

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