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A Tribute to the Bieldsidekid ©

James Mutch Crockett
Hong Kong, China

Richt a' ye feerties watch yersels,
Thes quine is nae ribbons and tinklin' bells,
Shi may look bonnie like a Christmas tree,
But tak care nae to stare 'er in the e'.

Noo dinna ye brave yung loons be scairt,
Cus efter a' shi haes a lassies hairt,
'n if it wis her ye wis thinkin' o' chasin' efter,
Waatch oot shi disna tak ye awa on 'er Vespa.

Niver p'inted up duncin' at the beach,
Ye'll find 'er up a tree oot o' reach,
Or chasin' the coos efter school,
An' rinnen fester than a bull.

But dinna b' mistaken thes quines nae daft,
An' an eexpert in takin' photographs,
Weel lets a' behave ye niver kin tell,
Shi micht show us a photo o' hersel!

I wrote this a while ago, efter I found oot that the bieldsidekid wis a quine!
My mistake

Help ma bob a' feel richt daft,
Ye kin tel 'am nae a master o' thes craft,
Wi' a gracious bow tak this sorry line,
A' niver kint the bieldsidekid wis a quine!

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