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Aspen ©

Matthew Baird
Maryland, USA

Aspen has action and sport
No one knows why they call it Rocky Mountain
Nothing is more beautiful than looking at a fountain.

It is a wonderful place to seek peace.
It is a place they used to Shashonie, a long tine ago
It is the only place to be cool

Over the years it has gone from no where to upscale
The Rocky Mountains have gone from reaching to the clouds to hills
It is such a wonder no one ever explores
It is so unimaginable it cannot be ignored.

The air is so thin sometimes in places you have to catch breath.
I don't even use a drying machine because the air dries it clean.
There is so much money in one property yet alone.

It is a die hard place to go to.
It has parks, tourism, rugby, skiing, snowboarding and more
The very essence of Aspen is yet to be explored.

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