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A Special Place ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

I watched the sun kiss stone lions
dripping from the granite chancel.
It crept along regimental pews
and ate the darkness before it.
Footsteps echoed in the quietness.
They scraped across cold, cement flagstones,
generations of history hidden
in the depths of its bosom.
Embedded in the bare walls
tombs of dust slept the centuries.
Here they must remain in
their underworld of sacred silence.
I could sense them. I could feel their presence.
They crept into my soul and drank my emotions.
I shivered slightly and focused
on the fresh flower displays,
a living corner of light and holy care,
their perfume spraying summer
into the chilled air.
The longer I stood inhaling the mysteries
of this magnificent building,
the more I realised how small I had become.
Yet to be here, standing alone
among the sacred and the ancients
sent a power so extreme
that all breath and life vanished,
baptised into the essence of this place.
This House of God, this very special place.

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