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A Special Day ©

Jane Gray
Terrigal, Australia

I open the door at Mum and Dadís; my feet hardly touch the ground.
This is such a special day, my God, what is that sound?

Motherís sitting crying, Dadís pacing up and down.
Maryís shouting down the stairs, "Thereís coffee on my gown."

Screams come from the bathroom, I run there urgently,
Itís Sybil, ďI knocked the coffee over, when I was making tea.Ē

I hear noises from the cupboard, and look inside to see
little Horace with my lipstick, drawing circles on his knee.

I hear sounds of childrenís laughter, I walk towards the door,
I have to stop and smile, when I see them on the floor.

Jane, Louise and Jessica, all dressed in shades of blue,
they look like little fairies, and Iím sure they think so too.

I go to check on Mum and Dad, now quietly sipping tea,
The mark is out of Maryís dress, Sybil smiles happily at me.

I stop and smile at all of them, and cheerfully I say,
Iíd better go get ready, for this wedding day...!!

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