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A Soldier's War in Iraq ©

H Marshall

A war I did not understand
assailed my youthful fears
and cold, hot hollows hidden in lonely sand,
served for more than tears.

And all around me comrades sure
with staunch endurance, stoically bear,
standing strong with courage pure
a pawky humour conceals their fear.

For me, who pined for Highland glade
and daily voiced these internal sighs.
"O, for the cool sequestered shade,
where green peace soothes my scorching eyes!"

But for the cause and for my duty
with clearest eye and nerves of steel,
my hand and gun were ever ready
with gentle touch, the trigger feel.

And for the proud Iraqi people
down dark symbolic tunnels no light could shine,
no call of hope from mosque or steeple
but bright tracks of FREEDOM guides their time.

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