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A Soldier's View ©

Written on the eve of another possible war with Iraq, to remind us of the pride, the courage and the devotion to duty, displayed by our finest forces. They are prepared to follow orders and give their lives for us and our country, while dealing with the stress on themselves and their families, and the aftermath of war.

by H Marshall

Diplomats failed!
Now there is fear!
People divided!
Which course to steer?

Rattle the sabre!
Sharpen the spear!
Loud rumours of war,
Pound in my ear!

General orders!
I must adhere!
Support my efforts!
You are my peer!

This is for Freedom,
Which I hold dear!
The rule of world law,
All must adhere!

Troop ship is ready,
Berthed at the pier.
Embark with my kit,
Gangplank is clear.

Goodbye, family,
I love so dear.
Goodbye, my sweetheart,
Keep me so near!

Shoulders back proudly,
Don't show a tear.
Words of my loved-ones,
Ring in my ear.

What's the prophecy
Of the old seer?
Will I e'er return
To my home, here?

Circling around me,
Strong smell of fear!
And if I'm afraid,
Please, do not sneer!

The Regiment's name
Fills me with cheer.
Battalion honour,
I must not smear!

Ready my rifle
And bandolier.
Engaging the bent
Into the sere.

Good men beside me;
The foe draws near.
Lining up the sight,
Keep my eyes clear.

Aim for a weak spot
Around the ear.
Bullet smashing bone,
I hope to hear.

Try to understand
My greatest fear.
He'd surely kill me,
Without a tear!

Battle is over,
Loved-ones are near.
Returning from war,
Triumphant cheer!

I did my duty,
Conquer'd my fear.
Like battles of old,
Bold chevalier.

No gravestone for me,
No mother's tear.
Poor adversary,
Lies in a tier.

Memories haunt me,
Throughout the year!
Now in my nightmares,
Horrors appear!

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