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A Soldier's Time ©

Michael McHendry
Glasgow, Scotland

A flickering candle,
at the edge of time,
a warmth ..overpowering...
a feeling... sublime,
this elusive light, twixt life and death,
with each strained breath,
I gaze to the sky,
searching for answers,
....for reasons why...
this land is not mine!
must I die here?
so far from a homeland
I love so dear,
I'm a soldier,
from present.. and past...
to fight is my duty,
each battle my last,
I have fought for the Fuhrer...
....for the glory of Rome...
....and died in the mud... the fields of the Somme.
for someone to say,
when my time has gone,
that this was a beautiful day!
....never feeling the pain...
....the sorrow...
never seeing the tears that stream,
as I see my comrades falling,
and hear their perpetual scream.
as life's blood feeds this barren land,
a soldier looks down,
weapon in hand,
in his eyes there's no sorrow,
just a soldier like I,
who knows with the morrow
he may lie where I lie,
is this one who stands over
A friend?...or A foe?
as the candle glows brighter
will I ever know!!!

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