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A Rolling Tongue ©

For Leonard Irving

Gary Bolstridge
San Francisco, USA

A man of heather and heath
with a rolling tongue
and a wink of an eye
tells tales
some short
some long
but all are tall
amid his song
Under his lilt lies verse
that tells of love lost
and love found
but a love out of hand
hurts worst
when sheets fly in the wind

Corbies, ganders, sheep and phantoms
live out human folly
Graveyards swath the dead
with memories of the auld ways
sung by bards wailing a keen
warbling in muffled dark
that never will light see again
but retains the spark
to fire hearts and memory

Ballads of old
coupled with fresh verse
become the new auld ways
for heather and heath
are strong and will not lie
neath history nor time
but are carried in his heart
which has enriched
this heart
of mine

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