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Army Days ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

The postman brought a letter when I turned eighteen,
It said, "We need your presence, to serve the Queen.
Please report to Glasgow and have the doctors check,
if you are fit to serve, or medically a wreck."

"If it's found you are A1 and fighting fit,
then one of the Armed Services would like you to join it."
I said, "If I had the choice of the rank and file,
I would follow father's footsteps and be an Argyll."

Well, they granted me the choice without any hassle,
and gave me a date to report to Stirling Castle.
The day came for me to go and I was sad,
it meant leaving my family, my mum and dad.

Well they gave me a uniform a kilt and sporran,
which being a Lowlander I felt quite foreign.
When I learned the Regiment's history of battles far and wide,
I wore that kilt with a great deal of pride.

The two years I spent in this great Regiment
is part of my life full of sentiment.
I remember being an extra in Disney's "ROB ROY"
an experience I treasure with a great deal of joy.

Another was the Tattoo on the Castle esplanade,
To take part in this event the memory will never fade.
With my two years over I was finally demobbed,
back to civvy street and my old job.

I left behind memories and lots of friends
the day my National Service came to an end...

Here's another poem about the Argylls on this web site 'The Proud Argyll'

Click here for more detailed information about the Argylls,
with photographs, stories and memories of National Service with the Regiment.

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