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A Recipe For Autumn ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

Take time to walk through woods
in late August, early September
when orange and lemon moods
turn winds and reddening skies
into a season of pungent foods.

Savour the sweetness as Autumn tones
skim along snake-like streams,
where greys simmer among gravelled stones
and every footstep beats the long grasses
iced in pastry cases of pine cones.

Peel back ferns and squeeze the zest
of ripe blackberries. Let the juice drip
through your lips and sip from Nature's best.
Roll browned hazlenuts in your hand,
crack the shell and taste a year's harvest.

Wander into fields stripped bare,
feel the crisp, chaffed underfoot
crunch your way along Autumn's fare.
Back through woods alive with birds,
their feathers rustling a changing air.

Turn the leaf carpet with your feet
and watch the hot sun baste it dry.
Allow time to rest on a shady seat.
Sample the quietness, serve it to memory,
and enjoy at last, a Summer's fruitful retreat.

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