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Appreciation of Life ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

Reminiscing upon an Atlantic coast,
In thought of life, and what's passed that I love most.
While swimming in the Mediterranean Sea,
I have been reminded of days that mean everything to me.
When first I trod on a Norfolk sand,
The wind blew sharp and a parent held my hand.
I have strolled along a Torbay beach,
With a loved one, and our future was within our reach.
In the Bristol Channel I watched confidence grow.
When encouraging my child to dip their toe,
Being upon a seaside shore refreshes,
And through the year I still want more.
The waves and surf will always ease my mind,
I can fall asleep and leave worry to mankind.
Sunrise at North Queensferry,
The sky was the colour of a deepest red cherry.
I consider the experience a heavenly privilege,
Enchanted by daybreak at the Forth Bridge.
I have walked home late at night,
In a clear bright sky I've seen the shining moon.
While walking I've spoke sweet words
And hummed them to a happy peaceful tune.
Mesmerised am I by the mid-night sky,
I shall appreciate life until the day that I die.
When rain eternally falls, then another memory calls,
Come winter I shall remember where I've been.
To relax inside my home and to the next time I will roam,
I am grateful for what I have and what I've seen.

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