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A Poet's Destiny Obscure ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

I walk ab'low a white, white moon
An' gaze mid darkness getherd roon:
Yon twinklin stars surround th' west -
An dowie limbs lay doon tae rest.

The pensive village sleeps away;
The charge o' rain; the charge o' spray;
Black angry clouds in thunder clash
Waves rise white-crested as they crash.

Bright She holds the Sun's white light
A mirror rock of unfathomed night -
Sometimes hidden, sometimes seen
Smothered by darkness, in between.

Yon beasts of Nature wrapped to roam
What e'er tempests lash their home
No comfort comes from Man, whose rule below
Transcends the harshness Nature could bestow!

E'en in my rags of poverty, I'm richer here
The turning orb, that swings the seasons near
Throws this Autumn sky in inclement disarray
Like hearts of light, bright-lost upon the day.

The Heavens hold their anger mid the tumult lost
That rages thru the minds of people tossed
Thru wilder storms than these I watch alone
And hollow heads, the empty men enthrone:

In those fires above, no bosom could decay
The shining lights, the bright unbroken ray -
The paths of men, their IDEALS I uphold
Their vision, those stars alone have told -

And then! A pattern holds the sight
Pulls the eye, encapsulates the night -
A rustic Plough, bold in westlin turns!
The flame is bricht for Scotia's Burns!

His bursting heart and tears fill up my veins
In wrath to see the Power Truth disdains -
E'en now, 200 years of woe and legal crimes
Parade old Ages Grim in degenerate times.

Oh! that I could throw my arms a-wide and wail
Wi' tears awash mid a thunderous gale
And turn the aged wheel tae yestreen when
A hope inspired Truth 'mongst generous men.

That vision wrought in anguish and in Love
The vision Burns gave us, his picture from Above:
The vision that his enemies confuse and tell
Is still unheard, waiting Heaven, not their Hell.

Onwards the virus, cancer spreading, basely Greed
Thrives on Ignorance, while Honesty makes her plead
That innocence, their prey, is Pity torn and bruised
By Wealth in monuments to them used and abused.

When will we gather the folks that were ance laid low?
When will we wander new paths across new snow?
When will we find the wounds degenerate ages cause?
When will we bind the rage wi' Justice and Just laws?

Let us rend the sword that felled the free-born man
Let us make anew the citadel where sages plan
Let us know the honest life - so simple and plain
Let us take back the Power they killed to gain.

Let the eternal winter's grip that freezes still
Thaw our cultural catharsis, like the Sun's will
Across a thriving land, in a new dawn's light
A Spring anew, whence dark hearts delight:

Let all tears be wiped away from all who've cried
Let Hope grow, by and by, where Hope has died
Let souls of darkness know light and wake to see
Paradise can be here and now, for you and me.

Let us take Corruption's hand, her feet and eyes
Let us bind her strong wi' law, as lawless ties
Will crumble to the ground, the fallen tower
Of Institutions who hold Freedom's Power.

The rights of men, the rights of women
The rights of nations, let banners summon:
That henceforth no one shall wrong another
That Dishonest Men shall ne'er smother

What's best in all; that waits to grow
In many, lost to Chances' raging blow:
The loaded dice that makes us slaves
In Ignorance buried in these living graves.

Who knows what place that they should hold?
Who knows to teach the poor be bold?
Is this we see around us now what was meant?
To serve a system corrupt, whose days are spent!

I dream to see the hand that places back the law
To hands who gave their rights away in awe
To Great Ones who said that they were great
Who made us bend and serve and die in wait.

To turn the ceremony round from pomp to plain
Honest procedures which no beggar could disdain;
To enshrine the views of all in righteous cause
To reunite Law and Justice, clause by clause.

Hark! Hear! the poor-man will get his share!
From God, the King of Kings who's everywhere:
'Tis suffer the man-made hell here and now
For the Kingdom above will all happiness endow.

What blood of 1000 hands has reached to claim
And spilled, lays o'er a King's proud name?
What highest mountain boasts the Empire rise
What 1000 white crosses will dry my eyes?

What passion river runs the hearts of Truth
Whose cup is broken by anither's drouth?
Who shuts the collective brain from knowing
Who benefits from ignorance as wealth is growing?

Sae few are we that walk this midnight gloom
Whose care and joy o'erfills the endless doom:
Tae live and work and rest and never question
Tae be the life that sings blind happiness' dejection.

This 'God' that is the soul of man, it flows
From creative fires, that lap and flaming, grows
In passions rent, in Love's bold flowers, fade
To see their Pride erased and Hope decayed.

Our enemies on high know their enemy within
Honesty and Compassion are our greatest sin!!!
For Equality in reality shall make us grow
The better world of Springs' new winds shall blow

Plenty o'er a world where hunger boorish, waits
And see history in the eyes of children at their gates:
The citadels shall break in the blast of Hope
Martyrs trophies we'll uphold and burn the tyrants rope.

Shine on! Shine on! tho' clouds may run obscure
What new star may bright bring the golden hour?
These hopes, these dreams in me, run ragged glee
This age that no Jerusalem can know or see.

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