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A Perfect Place ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

The trees helped me to see the wind,
To touch the nature of all things,
To hold them in my arms and say
This has been a perfect day.

Time moves on into spring
New green grass and every thing,
A butterfly on the wing
Wild birds listen to them sing.

Birds are nesting in the trees
On my face a gentle breeze,
Listen to the pheasant’s call
Primroses near a waterfall.

New born lambs they're full of glee
The riverside’s the place for me,
I can sit and watch the wild flowers grow
Gently moving two and fro

A peaceful way to spend your time
Away form all the city grime,
You must understand I cannot see
The things that fill my heart with glee:

The wind blows through the valley in a rage
Then gentle as a lamb,
As if to caress all living things
The wind in calm:

Without the wind the rain and snow
Would we have somewhere else to go,
Across the meadows the grass blows free
Back and forward two and fro.

A perfect day, o-yes in deed
My own homeland far across the sea,
That would be the perfect place
Just for me, just for me.

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