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A Parcel of Rogues! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

What would Rabbie Burns have had to say about all these numptie M.S.P.s
who are hell bent on our destruction and trying to bring us to our knees
I'm afraid he would not be impressed by all these asses fools and stirks
who should be asking our forgiveness on their knees in Scotland's kirks
for now we find we are lumbered in this tragic situation
by the greedy grasping paws of this parcel of rogues in our great nation
he would have told them they were useless and a disgrace to the nation
as they strutted in their talking shop like the lords of all creation
he would have named and shamed them as they ditched clause 28
and would have been quite mortified to see us in such a dreadful state
this man who wrote about twa dogs and about the kirk's twa herds
would have crucified in word and song this bunch of half wit nerds
man our Rabbie would have gone to town as in verse he had his say
and told them they were a disgrace and that there would be a price to pay
this bunch of useless numpties would have felt the power of his words
these knaves and greedy charlatans who are all stupid and absurd
what would he think of Holyrood that will house this bunch of comics
who try to say the cost is justified although the cost is astronomic
aye Rabbie would have told them all that they should be all ashamed
for the big increase in their salaries as they all play their greedy games
and what would Rab have had to say to our noble Henry the first
about the slight matter of expenses and the way he filled his purse
I can just imagine what he'd say to our Jack McConell the confessor
as he trailed his wife on to T.V. as he obviously distressed her
aye Rabbie would have told it true and would have told us straight
that to vote for devolution had been a tragic sad mistake
for although he was a ploughman lad he had the sense to see
that this sad comedy of errors should not have come to be
for in his life he was a realist in each and everything
and how true it was when Rabbie said facts are chiels that winnae ding
he would have sat there in astonishment as he watched all this mayhem
all these M.S.P.s who do not see themselves as we damn well all see them
aye Rabbie lad you're no longer here when all is done and said
but until my last dying gasping breath I'll speak up for you instead

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