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An Old Armchair ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

My parents they are together
God keeps them in his care,
In silence now, no wonder
The old place it looks so bare.

Your chair is always empty now
My heart is filled with pride,
All the things you taught me
You were always by my side.

In the night I hear your voice
Your chair rocks to and fro,
I walk down the stairs to see you
In your place, there is a glow.

We walked the hills together
You always held my hand,
We found a nest up in a tree
My childhood days were grand.

A brazes down in the hallway
I know that you are there,
Your chair is always empty
Life is so unfair.

Your shadow is now fading,
As the days turn into years
I remember all the good times,
But not without a tear:

As I stand beside an old oak tree
Out where the wild wind blows,
I wonder, "Are you watching?"
As your children grow.

Time goes by and seasons change
I hold your memories dear,
Although your chair is empty
I know you're always here.

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