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An Ode To Susannah LeMotte ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Susannah LeMotte,
Susannah LeMotte,
Elegant, gracious,
And goodness knows what.
One cold Winter's eve
While folk chatted spritely
I supped of my ale,
And we then conversed brightly.
As I spoke to you freely
Of travel and such,
I gazed in your eyes,
I was lost to their touch.

Susannah LeMotte,
Susannah LeMotte,
How to compare thee?
I simply know not.
You stated your case,
I defended mine soundly,
And so conversation
Developed most roundly,
Then flowed into topics
Of interests joint;
Once or twice floundered,
But that's not the point.

Susannah LeMotte,
Susannah LeMotte,
Say the name slowly
Then call the sun hot.
You spoke of your life
As a local broadcaster,
I spoke of my play
And a part you could master.
Cold though the night was,
How gladly I saw you;
My nerves are in shreds,
I truly adore you.

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