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An Ode to Pompous Poets ©

Marc R. Sherland
Glasgow, Scotland

The Dede Guid Poyets Ass., meets tha daey,
An aye wid want tae hae ma saey,
You as staund up an wud hae voice,
You aint the first o my best choice,
Fer aye wid hae a better maun,
Tae shuve you aff, an ther tae staun.
He haes tha airt o evry foke,
Tha wirds o some and even boke,
Fer nane cums clase tae his best equal,
Thers people waitin fer tha sequal,
O his first vers writ when a wean,
Thats only is a bit insane.
So if yer think yer have tha skill,
Stadiums to stack an halls tae fill,
Then challenge him tae yer pairty,
Or are yer jist wee simper fearty.
He is tha universal artist,
Wher yous are gist pissing partists.
His nam is secret heres tha pairt,
He is the sound o ma last fairt.

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