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An Octave of Love ©

Gerard McCabe
Emden, Germany

Love can hurt you, but heal another.
Bringing tears of joy, the hearts desire.
Sadness as it mourns and ice will put out the fire.
IT gives sanity and happiness or tears of sorrow
dreading what will follow.
IT has truths, lies,
laughter, and cries.
IT infects you with a sickness
deadly and cureless.
IT can give you wings and you reach for the sky,
chain you with emotional pain and your asking why.
IT can be fruitful, bringing forth life, or with one fateful swipe
cut down before IT is ripe
IT lives and kills, With trust it ties.
separates with jealousy. But it never dies.
Itís for fools all fools fall for IT.
IT is sent from above
an octave IT IS LOVE

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