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An Animal's Plea ©

Deborah Lloyd

I've got to escape,
they're gaining on me.
A whole pack of dogs,
not one, two or three.

I hear the hooves drum,
I hear the men call.
What have I done to them?
Nothing at all.

I'm tiring out,
I hear the dogs bay.
Why can't they have their 'fun'
in some other way?

These people are cruel,
don't you agree?
These people are cruel,
they want to kill me.

Dressed in red jackets,
ready to kill.
Do they enjoy murder?
Does it give them a thrill?

An innocent creature,
hunted down.
What's the fairness in that?
The hunters surround.

I'm cornered now,
what can I do?
I face certain death,
really, its true!

Please stop this cruel 'game,'
and let foxes be!
It's really not fair,
on the others, or me.

If we turned on you,
I'm sure you'd complain.
If we hunted you down,
and you died in great pain.

Why do this to us?
Is it for fun?
Does it make you all happy?
What have we done?

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