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Animal Activity ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

Grow, animal, grow!
Let we humans all know,
That you also share
This earth with us.

Burrow, earthworm, burrow!
Help the farmer's furrow.
Introducing air,
Enrich the soil.

Charge, rhino, charge!
Impel your frame so large,
At those who would dare
To poach your horn.

Chase, cheetah, chase!
Win the quadruped race.
Your speed is so rare,
No one can match.

Climb, monkey, climb!
Your tree skills are sublime,
Always with such flair,
And nonchalance.

Cling, barnacle, cling!
To any marine thing.
Byssus threads prepare
To fix your place.

Crawl, beetle, crawl!
Scavenging through it all.
Helpful decayer,
Of human waste.

Dive, dolphin, dive!
Happy to be alive.
We just stand and stare
With stark envy.

Flit, butterfly, flit!
Your flimsy form to sit.
But always beware,
Your predators.

Fly, wild geese, fly!
Form patterns in the sky.
High in the clear air,
Free from all care.

Gallop, stallion, gallop!
In servitude and hope,
That you get best care
From human charge.

Glide, albatross, glide!
Across the oceans wide.
Use wind - not calm air
To navigate.

Herd, sheepdog, herd!
Support the hill shepherd.
Sheep are in your care
On that hillside.

Leap, salmon, leap!
To shallows from the deep.
Migrate with such care,
River to sea.

Lope, timber wolf, lope!
We all must live in hope
You don't become rare,
Wild carnivore.

Soar, eagle, soar!
Far from the traffic roar.
Breathing purest air,
We envy you.

Swim, crocodile, swim!
Protected by tough skin.
Your prey should not dare
To venture near.

Die, animal, die!
No matter how you try,
Old age will impair,
Your life cycle.

Breed, animal, breed!
That's your primary need,
Numbers to repair,
And your species.

Protect, human, protect
This earth with intellect!
It is in our care,
For our children.

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