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A Nightmare? ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Mummy, Mummy, I had a nightmare last night
I dreamt I was in a terrible fight
and my knuckles were bleeding and sore
as I beat to get out through my bedroom door

did you not hear?
did I scream in my sleep?
were you fast in your slumbers?
were you fast asleep?

did you not hear Daddy when he came in through my door?
did you not hear the creak as he crossed the floor?
did you not hear me tell him, Please Daddy, go?
did you not hear me begging as I struck the first blow?
and the sheets of my bed were all sticky with gore
as I stabbed with a knife
More! More! More!

as I slipped on the blood
when I ran to the door
Please hear me Mother, I beg, I implore!
Please make this real, not a nightmare anymore!

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